Dylan McKibban – President


Dylan is a senior Classical Languages and Ancient History major who started at UT as a History major but decided at the last minute of orientation to take Latin instead of German and hasn’t looked back since. In his free time, he enjoys rewatching the Jurassic Park trilogy, playing the recorder, and spending time with his friends.

Morgan Buszczak – Vice President

Coming to UT as Undeclared, Morgan had no idea what she wanted to do  with her life. As a freshman, she mistakenly took many science and math courses, believing she wanted a career in science or medicine. Luckily, she also took an ancient myth course and realized how much she loved Classics. Morgan is now double majoring in Classical Archaeology and Classical Languages with a minor in Art History. In her free time she enjoys spending time with friends, cuddling with her cat (who may or may not be a demon), and visiting museums.

Caroline Green – Treasurer


Caroline is a senior Theatre and Dance major with minors in Classics and Italian and a certificate in Museum Studies. Her love of classics runs in the family, and her quest to connect with the community led her to Eta Sigma Phi two years ago. If Caroline isn’t in class, rehearsal, or chugging coffee in between, you’ll likely find her wandering a museum or at home baking, embroidering, (re)reading Jane Austen, or engaging in some other grandma-ish activity.

Kaitlyn Dougherty – Secretary


Kaitlyn is a Senior student in the Department of History with a minor in Classical Studies. She often spends her time at UT trying to find loopholes to take ancient history courses to fill her regular degree requirements. This practice has been quite successful. When she isn’t studying dead people, she enjoys staying active playing sports with friends, learning about true crime, and frequenting Whataburger more than is recommended by physicians.

Katerina Kountakis – Social Director 


Katerina is a senior Classical Archaeology major. Coming from a Greek family, Katerina was lectured about Greek myths and history since she could walk. Thus, starting her fascination with classics. When she isn’t wondering what to do with her life, Katerina enjoys reading, painting, baking/cooking, and obsessing over things on the internet (specifically her favorite TV shows and makeup).

Nicole Wolking – Mascot


Nicole is a Classical Languages major with a French minor who started in engineering but realized pretty quickly that that was the absolute wrong decision.  She had always loved greek myths and took a classical mythology class her freshman year and fell in love with Classics.  Outside of classes she loves to cook, bake, painting, hanging out with friends, and generally wasting her time not being productive.